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Dr. Amber Lowe Run Coach

Dr. Amber Lowe

Dr. Amber Lowe's innovative approach to run coaching gets her clients race ready, pain free and smashing their goals.

“Here’s to living that run life, one mile at a time.” 

4 Forgotten Exercises for Runners Get Instant Access:

These 4 forgotten exercises will help you run faster, feel stronger, and reduce injury potential.

Designed to do wherever you are,  2 with equipment and 2 equipment-free exercises that improve your gait, strength, posture and running form.  These are a few of the important exercises I include in my Run Coaching clinic and private client programs.  Whether you're starting out, or training  for a race, these 4 forgotten exercises will improve your outcomes, quickly!

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"Dr. Amber made me happy cry!"

I ran the Houston Marathon in 2022 without pain!! (she even made me happy cry when I saw her after). We are working together now for the Austin Half in 2023

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 14.09.34

"I took 49 minutes off my Marathon time!"

49 minutes faster!  Next up, my goal is 50 Miler, a half at 1:30 and a 5k sub 22

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 14.10.06

"A LOT has changed!"

365 days ago I had only run 2 1/2 marathons, just broke 2hrs and said I'd never run a marathon, let alone a 50k.  Back then, my longest training run was 10 miles!!

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